About us…

Ok first there was an unexpected love story….

The partnership that is Creative Arts Safaris grew out of the creative interests of Fiona Wright and the professional experience of Kanhaya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates].
Our travel agency, built on Praveen’s 20 years of experience in the business- Their Indian Adventure Tours and Travel opened in New Delhi in 2004
and Creative Arts Safaris followed soon after.
Fiona and Praveen love to explore new places , looking for those interesting and special spots.
Now, that is another hard day in the office for us -researching tour latest inspiring location- what a day job!

We use words like passion and enthusiasm, that is how we like to approach the opportunity to travel and what we bring to our work when at home at The Stitching Project.

Fiona Wright

is an artist who was based in Gresford, rural NSW, Australia and now calls Pushkar, India home. 
From here and whilst on the road she pursues a Fine Arts practice; the medium in use is generally textile.Fiona’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally; she has worked in textiles most of her life and spent a long stint as a Steiner/Waldorf teacher.

Fiona and Praveen share a farm house near Pushkar, India. Life has changed a little -the day job is operating The Stitching Project– a textile production project to create beautiful textile products and as much Fair Paid Local 
work as they can, their excuse to run away is to lead a Creative Arts Safari these days.
– one of the joys of their business is checking out good hotels, interesting venues and doing the tasting research necessary to find good textiles and good dining experiences for their customers

Kanhiya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates]

hails from the Shekawati area of Rajasthan and now lives in Pushkar. He has spent much of the last thirty years working in the tourism industry of North-western India, sharing his knowledge of this exciting area with some of India’s many visitors. He now operates The Stitching Project in Pushkar and Creative Arts Safaris.
In his spare time Parveen has a passion for good food and cooking, especially the regional specialties of Rajasthan.

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