Small Print

The itinerary is the part to dream over,
Here is the place to be clear of the Terms and Conditions so our trip runs like a dream.

Making a booking and placing a deposit implies you have read and agree to all points in this disclaimer. 
Please read carefully.

We are very careful about our pricing, once a price is announced stay locked into it.

Terms and Conditions
The tour is being organized by the independent tour operators Creative Arts Safaris, which is operated by Kayef Stitching Project an Indian registered Limited Liability Partnership.

Responsibility cannot be accepted for such things as flight delays or lost luggage, once air tickets are booked the airlines conditions apply.

The Creative Arts Safaris team assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to property or baggage or for any injury, illness or death or for any damages or claims however caused arising directly or indirectly from accidents, loss or damage to person or property, delays, transport failure, strikes, wars, terrorism, and uprisings or acts of God etc over which Creative Arts Safaris has no control. You need Comprehensive Travel Insurance.

The tour
The tour starts at the nominated starting point either an airport or hotel- refer to your itinerary and booking form. Generally Developing World, we will collect you from the airport otherwise we will meet at our start hotel.

The tour cost covers

pick up from the nominated airport on Day 1 of the trip– [ Madrid, Spain is the exception, we will furnish details of the hotel we are using and that will be our meeting point]

If you plan to arrive a bit earlier ask us for info on the hotel we will be starting from. We are happy to organize airport pickups and rooms for extra nights if you need them, there will be an additional cost.

airport drop off on the Departures day of tour.

all transportation, drivers’ fees, fuel and road taxes, camels, tuk-tuks, rickshaws and taxis as the need arises in our itinerary.

all accommodation from the night of day 1 to that of the final night of the tour. We use good quality, mid-range establishments where possible, occasionally we have a home stay/ guesthouse- the itinerary will indicate this.

All places are clean, friendly and western bathrooms! It is ambiance and friendliness we are looking for.
This is the hotel range where we may meet locals as well- top end is far removed from this and just full of foreigners! 

sightseeing entrance fees and a still camera

tuition [tutors and workshops]

meals listed on the itinerary. We believe food is an integral part of the culture and have carefully chosen a wide range of good dining experiences as part of our tour. Drinks are NOT included.

Participant’s responsibility

a few meals

bottled water -it is best that only bottled water [even teeth cleaning] pass your lips and you plan to drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day. It makes a big difference when travelling.

all drinks






travel insurance

This trip is not a traditional package tour, we are a small group [generally 14 maximum] and it is hoped we can travel as a group of friends; Creative Arts Safaris having done the research and organization for locations to visit, places to stay etc, we all share our observations and knowledge along the way.
All the info you pick up in preparation is easy to share with the group via the Internet in the lead-up to our trip and helps you ‘meet’ the others too.

The intention is to have a ‘hands-on’ experience of local life and culture as much as possible as visitors rather than be in a ‘tourist coach bubble’ situation looking at the scenery flash by.

There is a clear timetable for each day but the flexibility to explore options in each of our locations. If we see something we like and time allows we can stop and check it out.

Planned sightseeing entrance fees and use of a still camera [those listed in the itinerary] are factored into the tour costs but we can decide to squeeze in other places at the participants cost.
All tuition fees for workshops mentioned are included.


Accommodation is calculated on a twin share basis [ask about the single room supplement– if that is what you desire].

It is the personality of the hotels and staff we are looking for, and a sense of being ‘there’ when choosing hotels [with some hotels you need to look at the location on the newspaper to be able to know which place you are in!].

Accommodation ranges from simple home-stay [clean, friendly and western style bathrooms] to a palace.

We favour heritage-style hotels and family run where we can.

Deposits and Payments

Your Place on the tour will be confirmed by payment of a deposit. The deposit will be used to start the booking process of internal flights (as needed), hotels and transport. Once these payments have been made your deposit is non-refundable.

The balance of the payment must be made no later than 12 weeks prior to departure.

Late payments cannot be accepted as there are deadlines for internal flights, rooms and etc.

If numbers are insufficient, and this necessitates the cancellation of the tour, your entire deposit will be repaid in full.

Deposit is 40% of tour cost and DUE TODAY.

Refunds and Cancellations.

If you need to cancel your booking after you have made a deposit prior to the date of final payment [3 months before commencement of tour] an administration fee of $500 will be withheld and dependent on what has already been paid out.

If you need to cancel after the full payment date 50% or $500 [whichever is greater] will be non-refundable.

Costing for the trip is based upon the number present so if for any reason you need to cancel your booking please pass this information along immediately.

If it is possible to fill the spot (often not easy) a refund of the balance can be made- please check out travel insurance to cover these circumstances.

Please consider your schedule carefully before booking -as we are a small group numbers are important.

Refunds cannot be made for parts of the itinerary participants choose not to participate in, or for changes to the published itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control. The trip has been carefully planned but on occasions delays may occur and alternative arrangements need to be made in individual circumstances


It is very important to arrange Comprehensive Travel Insurance to cover the whole time of your trip.

Please make sure you cover personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation if injured or taken ill and losses if you need to cancel your place.

Passports and Visas

Passports need to be up-to date and valid for the 6 months after the trip.Participants are responsible for this.

A visa is required for many locations, the appropriate forms can be downloaded from the Internet, or can be arranged when organizing your ticket through your travel agent.

Medical matters

Participants are responsible for obtaining medical advice to suit their needs before travel. It is suggested you consult your GP before departure and have with you enough items to cover all your medical needs during your stay OS. Also a good idea to have a copy of your medical scripts

You are fully responsible for obtaining adequate medical advice and implementing it before the trip.

You need to be fit enough for sightseeing, we are onto and off the mini-bus throughout the day, some of the monuments we visit are large so you need to be able to manage a few kilometres at a gentle stroll and the 
odd flight of stairs.

There are no marathons but so much to see it would help if you are in practice!

With all the details clear and covered we will be free to have an enjoyable trip together.


Comprehensive Travel Insurance



We are very careful of your privacy.

Your details are collected solely for our records and to make bookings at hotels, museums etc.

We do not disclose your details to any third party for any reason.