Travel Tips

Travel Tips….

Travelling is a bit more work than just a holiday where you sit still and relax….some days it 
can even resemble hard work!
What you get though, is a whole new look at the world and yourself.
The secret is to expect to be in for surprises of all kinds!

The world is an amazing place,
it is up to you if you enjoy it or not so be prepared to have fun- pack your patience and…
1. Bring your sense of humour- you’ll need it.
2. When you have piled up the minimum you need to take.
THROW OUT half of it! 
The lighter you travel, the easier for you. 3 sets of clothes is enough- it can be done!
3. Sensible walking shoes are most important.
4. Grab a phrase book- the locals probably still won’t understand you but will
appreciate the effort. You’ll have plenty of laughs.
5. You are going somewhere DIFFERENT, everything will be a bit different….
Get in the flow, try and work out how things work. If you want or expect it to be
like home- stay home [ read 1 again]
6. Be prepared to eat local food- part of the experience and much less likely to
get belly bugs. Some things just won’t be available and you’ll probably drive
yourself [ and others] crazy craving them…if it is that desperate take it with
7. Drink bottled water. Tap water anywhere can cause the ‘runs’ just because it is
different to what your tummy is used to.
8. Drink lots of water- travel dehydrates you a bit- you might not notice it …but it
will give you headaches and cause you to feel irritable.
9. Bring with you all medications you need [or might need] and something for stomach 
upsets, and travel sickness if your are prone to it.
10. Read, watch and ask others for every bit of information you can gleam on the
destination of your travels.
It add to your experience there.
IGNORE the doom and gloom merchants who are just scare mongers- what do they 
know? [Read 1 again]
11. BOOKING YOUR FLIGHTS- look at arrival times and connections. Generally
there is a range of airlines, prices are fairly similar but what you get in flights
is quite different.
Arriving in the wee small hours of the morning looses you a day- you are just to
tired, late evening not so bad, you can fall into bed and start the new day
If you have to transfer from an international to a domestic flight along the way-
how easy will it be? [it is murder in Mumbai for example- do you have local
currency for the taxi fare?]
12. Always bring a printed copy of your ticket -even if it is an e-ticket and should
all be on the computer.
13. Shopping happens- start with a smaller bag and have a second softer bag
with you to expand into. Easier than trying to wrangle 1 enormous bag.
14. Check out the local dress customs and try and respect them- you won’t stand
out like a sore thumb, less likely to be stared at in a rude way and locals are
more likely to talk to you.

15. The worst part about time changes is that your body clock does not adjust so
quickly…this can lead to constipation or the opposite until you adjust.
Drink plenty of water [lots really!] and you might think of taking a little 
something to help your intestines settle into the new routine.

16. Take with you the sense of wonder of a child and use it often.
No one knows you- allow yourself to oooh! and ahhh! as loudly and often as you like.

Remember enjoy yourself- the world and 
her people are amazing!

Is the glass half full or half empty?- you choose the way you view the world

One of the biggest secrets of happy travels is to

Drink more water!!

  • you dehydrate on the plane
  • India and many other places we travel to are much drier than back home

signs of needing more water

  • headaches
  • tummy sort of upset
  • a bit grumpy/tense
  • tired